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12-15-2000 Got UB, game rocks, I love the map editor and what you can do with it, I also found 2 more characters! One is Larry Roachburn he is hirable from the beginning, in MERC along with Gatson and Stogie, hes shaped up and is pretty damn good. Hes probably equal to Hitman, in the start of JA2. Also I found Manuel, in a sector, he's linked to JA2 but I dont want to spoil the story. Anyway GET THE GAME! I will be adding the custom maps very soon.

12-13-2000 Back again time for UB! Check it out at the Unfinished Business Section, I will have Character and weapon lists up soon, say tuned folks!

P.S. from what I know so far there is Gadston, Stogie, and TEX! (Yes from JA1!, and hes back with some mean pistols)

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Welcome to the Jagged Alliance 2 HQ. Most of whats here you have probably seen, across the internet, but hey we all can look can't we?

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Also if you want the Latest news for JA2 Check out Talonsofts homepage for updates and a message board.

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