Ivan Dolvich

Ivan, a highly-decorated former major in the Red Army, came to A.I.M. three years ago as freelance mercenary. Despite substantial communication problems, he quickly developed into a mercenary with body and soul, having broken all success records and statistics, which probably only he can exceed.

Additional remarks: In order to promote his relations with the superiors, he announced that he is taking a beginning English as a Second Language class.

Click here to hear Ivan (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My opinion: Awesome. Kicks ass teamed with Igor. High Marksman. Damn good Agility/Health

Name Ivan Dolvich
Nickname Ivan
Health 94
Agility 90
Leadership 35
Dexterity 95
Strength 87
Wisdom 85
Medical 15
Explosives 55
Mechanical 14
Marksmanship 92
Level 4
Day $3200
Per Week $21500
2 Weeks $37500
Medical Dep. $3500

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