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Peter "Wolf" Sanderson

Peter Sanderson returned after a 6 month absence. He took an unpaid leave in order to participate in intensive fitness training and in various training courses to perfect his all round skills. About 40 pounds lighter, he is easily in the best condition now than ever before, so A.I.M. accepted him again into the service.

Additional remarks: If he is not on assignment, Sanderson trains a militia unit.

Click here to hear Wolf (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My Opinion: He never can seem to get above 80 marksman. (check the improvements throughout the other JA's.)

****Note***:Shaun Lyng Did the voice of Wolf!

Name Peter Sanderson
Nickname Wolf
Health 90
Agility 83
Leadership 22
Dexterity 86
Strength 85
Wisdom 76
Medical 48
Explosives 40
Mechanical 65
Marksmanship 79
Level 3
Day $1400
Per Week $8000
2 Weeks $14000
Medical Dep. $2500

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