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Victoria Waters

Whether it concerns repairing hand-held weapons or firing MG bursts: the two-handed Victoria Waters operates best with her hands. Apart from her jobs for A.I.M., she spends her spare time restoring and selling old automobiles.

Additional remarks: Despite continuing therapy, she insists on using the stairs regardless of how high the building is.

Click here to hear Vicki (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My Opinion: We have all seen her in the demo.

Name Victoria Waters
Nickname Vicki
Health 79
Agility 85
Leadership 33
Dexterity 72
Strength 72
Wisdom 85
Medical 18
Explosives 28
Mechanical 94
Marksmanship 84
Level 4
Day $2200
Per Week $14500
2 Weeks $26000
Medical Dep. $3100

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