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Unfinished Business

Character List:

Gadston Cavalier

Stogie Horge


Gadston Cavalier

Gaston is a man who enjoys making love and war at the same time. As a former commando in the Marine de France, he's right at home in the world of combat and croissants. As a matter of fact, the only thing Gaston appreciates more than baguettes and bloodshed is himself. He's a sharpshooter and a go-get-her, who works best at night when the lights are out and he's on top. At times, Gaston's huge ego can be rather trying, but it's matched by a marksmanship of 94, and a sense of self-importance that borders on the comical. A piece of advice: he's extremely proud of his homeland, so be selective with Gaston's teammates. He has little patience and extreme disdain for those who "think" they're French.

Lieutenant Stogie Horge

Stogie, on the other hand, is a cigar chomping, call-it-like-it-is, combat veteran. Specializing in heavy weapons, he has proven on many occasions to be a tough man to take down. His tank-like health of 98 wasn't built on physical conditioning or clean lungs, but rather on raw guts, courage and the will to survive. Stogie may not be the most refined man to have ever put on a uniform, but he's been there, and there isn't much you ask of him that he hasn't done before. Calm and collected, he soldiers on weathering whatever war throws at him, then dishing out more. Stogie Horge is what every rookie hopes to be.