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Trevor Colby

Trevor Colby, Australian wonder boy and explosives expert, can transform a harmless toaster into a deadly weapon. He possesses world class knowledge of explosives and is always good for a surprise. With his tendancy toward practical jokes, he is just as happy devising and laying a trap out as by observing its perfect mode of operation.

Additional remarks: May be a little inexperienced, but learns quickly.

Click here to hear Trevor (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My Opinion: This Merc seems awesome, for only a level 1. Explosives, Mechanical, Marksman.

Name Trevor Colby
Nickname Trevor
Health 95
Agility 77
Leadership 27
Dexterity 98
Strength 79
Wisdom 97
Medical 7
Explosives 88
Mechanical 99
Marksmanship 81
Level 1
Day $3100
Per Week $20000
2 Weeks $35000
Medical Dep. $3800

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