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Thor Kaufman

This vegetarian, New Age music lover possesses an amazing knowledge of medicine for someone which never saw the university from the inside. Additionally, he is quite skillful in fast, silent killing. Born in a Berlin suburb, he now calls California home, where he lives with his newborn son and his ex, Mrs. Cassandra, in the mountains.

Click here to hear Thor (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My Opinion: He seem awesome, could use a little higher marksman.

Name Thor Kaufman
Nickname Thor
Health 96
Agility 83
Leadership 61
Dexterity 84
Strength 89
Wisdom 97
Medical 70
Explosives 11
Mechanical 35
Marksmanship 74
Level 3
Day $1750
Per Week $10000
2 Weeks $15000
Medical Dep. $0

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