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Stephen Rothman

Do not let his blue eyes and youthful appearance deceive you. Rothman is his own man, even if the position becomes too intense. As mercenary and a security advisor in the diamond industry, he protected the richest mines of the world from unhappy natives, rebels or the competition. South America has again become rough, since then its only gotten worse.

Additional remarks: Stephan proved to be an excellent commander, particularly during night maneuvers.

Click here to hear Stephan (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My Opinion: An ok Gunslinger, looks good for night fights.

Name Stephan Rothman
Nickname Stephen
Health 97
Agility 71
Leadership 59
Dexterity 78
Strength 80
Wisdom 94
Medical 15
Explosives 66
Mechanical 15
Marksmanship 82
Level 5
Day $1500
Per Week $10000
2 Weeks $17000
Medical Dep. $2500

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