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Kirk "Static" Stevenson

Time passes, but seems to be stand still for Static. Because of his experience and reserved style, Kirk operates the best under the cover of darkness. With his mechanical and electronics knowledge, he carries out valuable services for his superiors. Although he looks like a hippie, few sense peace and love within him.

Additional remarks: Like his good friend Spider, Static cannot stand insects.

Click here to hear Static (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My Opinion: This boy is more than a "Stay at home and repair" merc. He can whoop some ass on the battlefield.

Name Kirk Stevenson
Nickname Static
Health 79
Agility 66
Leadership 15
Dexterity 95
Strength 59
Wisdom 60
Medical 17
Explosives 28
Mechanical 99
Marksmanship 86
Level 4
Day $2500
Per Week $15000
2 Weeks $25000
Medical Dep. $3200

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