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Dr. Donna "Spider" Houston

With her military training in trauma handling, Dr. Houston renders unparalleled first aid under the most adverse conditions. During the darkest of nights or during a furious tropical storm, the wounded can rely on her in a emergency. She can react quickly, calmly and effectively to get the job done.

Additional remarks: Don't be deceived by her nickname. It refers to her fear of spiders, not to her personality or looks.

Click here to hear Spider (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My Opinion: Very Good doctor for her level.

Name Dr. Donna Houston
Nickname Spider
Health 81
Agility 56
Leadership 16
Dexterity 76
Strength 68
Wisdom 90
Medical 94
Explosives 0
Mechanical 0
Marksmanship 70
Level 1
Day $800
Per Week $5100
2 Weeks $8500
Medical Dep. $1600

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