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Sidney Nettleson

Whether it concerns tea with the British aristocracy or giving an unwanted stool pigeon a 38 bullet, Sidney does it with style and acclaim. He combines the manners of the upper class with the speed of a wild west gun fighter. For many years, his moves on the cricket field were much feared.

Click here to hear Sidney (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My Opinion: Sidney is a good gunslinger, although his english accent and snobby attitude can get annoying.

Name Sidney Nettleson
Nickname Sidney
Health 80
Agility 70
Leadership 27
Dexterity 91
Strength 76
Wisdom 78
Medical 44
Explosives 15
Mechanical 2
Marksmanship 92
Level 5
Day $2000
Per Week $12500
2 Weeks $22000
Medical Dep. $2700

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