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Kyle "Shadow" Simmons

This ex-Ranger and human chameleon has developed his skills to an artform. Shadow could stand directly beside you and you would not probably even notice him. Any snow drift, any sand dune, any bush could be Shadow. Simmons has made it his business to blend in with any type of environment for quite some time.

Additional remarks: Shadow brings along his own camouflage equipment and would like to get one thing straight from the beginning: he does not share.

Click here to hear Shadow (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My Opinion: Very good Marksman. Silent, good for night operations. We all seen his capabilities with the demo.

Name Kyle Simmons
Nickname Shadow
Health 95
Agility 96
Leadership 35
Dexterity 83
Strength 90
Wisdom 77
Medical 30
Explosives 22
Mechanical 12
Marksmanship 92
Level 5
Day $2850
Per Week $17000
2 Weeks $31000
Medical Dep. $3300

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