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Robert James "Scully" Sullivan

The much sought after Scully Sullivan has worked a long time for A.I.M. He is one of our highest paid mercenaries and might even enjoy the highest regards among his comrades. Scully holds the A.I.M. record for the maximum number of combat missions in almost as many countries. He is the right man to make short work of the enemy.

Additional remarks: Scully admits his ablilty to use knives and similar weapons.

Click here to hear Scully (sorry in German).

My Rating: Elite

My Opinion: Scully is one of the best. He has awesome everything. Silent, Deadly, Mechanic, Explosives exepert. He rules the battlefield, for a price.

Name Robert James Sullivan
Nickname Scully
Health 90
Agility 90
Leadership 70
Dexterity 96
Strength 85
Wisdom 93
Medical 36
Explosives 66
Mechanical 61
Marksmanship 92
Level 5
Day $4800
Per Week $30000
2 Weeks $50000
Medical Dep. $4600

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