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Sheila "Scope" Sterling

First we must correct something: In Sterling's past personal record erroneously stated that she was a member of the " British Special Forces ", while actually she did not perform such a service. She did serve as a flight attendant with an airline (SAS) which offered "British Special Service " on its international flights. A.I.M. regrets the mistake and possibly inconveiniences which can be attributed to it.

Additional remarks: Trained in guerilla operations in cities, Scope is an excellent assasin and has great experience with night operations.

Click here to hear Scope (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My Opinion: Very Nice Sniper. A little pricey though.

Name Sheila Sterling
Nickname Scope
Health 87
Agility 89
Leadership 39
Dexterity 76
Strength 64
Wisdom 81
Medical 17
Explosives 21
Mechanical 4
Marksmanship 99
Level 5
Day $2900
Per Week $17500
2 Weeks $32500
Medical Dep. $3400

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