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A word of warning.

1. Be sure to make a backup copy of  the demo. The game seems to get more and more unstable the more you play the game.

2. If you have not downloaded the demo yet be sure to get the version. The version found on the official sites are This newest version was made to prevent the editing of the savegames. Afterwards you can download the upgrade at the official sites (its only about 2MB). That way you have both versions and are able to play all the savegames.

3. When using these edited savegames your game become very unstable. The demo was ofcourse not intended to be hacked. Be sure to save very often.

4. You should not buy or sell anything at Jakes in the english version when playing a german savegames or a game based upon one. The game will freeze.

5. The last warning:  If you dont want any spoilers then DONT play any edited savegames.

How to install the savegames
1. When you download one of these savegames you will end up with a zip-file. It needs to be uncompressed. You can do this with programs like Winzip ( ).

2. Now you have got a file called SaveGame01.sav (the number can be from 01-10) and it needs to be placed in a subfolder in your JA2demo folder called SavedGames. The full address for the folder is C:\Program Files\JA2 Demo\SavedGames\ if you are working on an English Windows95/98.

3. I dont have a folder called SavedGames ? Thats because you havent saved any game. So start the game and do save a game. Then go out of the game and now you got the folder.

4. If you are playing the english version and wants to play the german savegames then you must rename the files from SpielStand01.sav to SaveGame01.sav.