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Name Version Needed Description
Gas Attack 1.00.5 Has Ivan throwing gas everywhere
VeryHard-ByUjinn 1.00.6 Enimies have best weapons, armor and skills. Very Hard.
Red Assualt-By Ujinn and Brazil 1.00.6 This time your are a team of Russian elite soldiers having to fight you way through an American base. Edited equipment, stats and clothes of the enemies.
Lowtech Weapons-By Icejon 1.00.5 This game is standard all across the board except all your starting equipment have been changed. You start with cool semi-decent SHORT range weapons that are unavailible in the demo anyother way. Little armor and such.
Fists of Fury 1.00.5 Everyone in this savegame has no weapons and its all fists and feet.
Mission Impossible Pary Version 1.00.5 Fox and Bubba have joined the party this time and they brought some booze and drugs with them.
Creature Claws-By Ujinn and Brazil 1.00.5 Like Mission impossible, a little easier, but still really hard.
Mission Impossible 1.00.5 Firstly think of a game where your only weapons are knives, machete and dusters. Add the fact that the only armor you have is a lousy T-shirt. Then imagine all your enemies having the best weapons and armor available.
Silenced Enemy-By Immel 1.00.5 All your superweapons is silenced but so is the enemies weapons. You could on the other hand also choose the big bang method. Expect your opponents to have the best weapon and armor available. Mercs has overmaxed stats.
Nacht, Immel variant--True night battle 1.00.5 As the first savegame available the enemy now has better weapons and armor. Based upon the first of tree german savegames called Nacht. Mercs are maxed out and has some of the best weapons and armor. Normal difficulty.
US Weapons at Night 1.00.5 Title says it all.
Cool weapons-By zOrg 1.00.5 All the best weapons.
Mortar-By zOrg 1.00.5 Half of the first level has allready been played. Only difference is you have a mortar.
H&K Weapons-By zOrg 1.00.5 Hard with normal stats. Extra armor and of course H&K weapons.
FN Weapon & FA-MAS-By zOrg 1.00.5 Hard with normal stats. Extra armor and of course FN and FA-MAS weapons.
Nacht (Night) 1.00.5 3 German savegames with overmaxed stats and normal difficult.
Raketengewehr (Rocketrifle) 1.00.5 You start with a rocketrifle.
Coolest Dr.Q-By Russain Ja2 Team 1.00.5 Dr.Q all alone on bug level. Hard.
Cool Dr.Q-By zOrg 1.00.5 Dr.Q Finished Level one, alone. Hard
Moonlight Warriors-by the Russain Ja2 Team 1.00.5 Savegame starting at night.
No save here!-by Russain Ja2 Team 1.00.5 Able to take out sniper at begging of game.
Nightfight-By Remmington 1.00.5 In the dark game. One Enemy has been taken out.
Dirty Harry Not Sure Dirty Harry Vs the Drug Cartel! Check it out!
MIB-Men In Black 1.00.6 Based on the MIB Movie
Demo Ville 2 1.00.6 Welcome to demoville, is updated version of the surpise savegame to, that was released here couple of days ago. If you will stay alive after this 'calm' meeting in Demoville - you are ready to clean Arulco" :) As for those who felt this savegame bit low in speed.. that is because there are many people see each other. The soldiers' AI process the situation as longer as many opponents(and maybe friends) are in visible range.

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