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Ernie "Red" Spragg

This fast, rule-breaking Scot is an example of the old school of the explosives trade, in which the teacher could suddenly blow himself up and give the pupil a fast leg up on the career ladder. Spragg has learned to survive. He has been proud to teach his explosives customers the basics that years of experience have taught him.

Additional remarks: Do not take him too seriously, if he occasionally talks too pessimistically: the situation is rarely so hopeless as he lets on.

Click here to hear Red (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My Opinion: Cheap Explosives Expert. Nice Gunslinger.

Name Ernie Spragg
Nickname Red
Health 68
Agility 66
Leadership 21
Dexterity 81
Strength 69
Wisdom 79
Medical 5
Explosives 99
Mechanical 33
Marksmanship 78
Level 4
Day $900
Per Week $5900
2 Weeks $10000
Medical Dep. $2300

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