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Carl "Reaper" Sheppards

Anyone who lets Carl Sheppards, also known as the Reaper, come close enough to look him in the face, has a good chance to breathe his last breath. Reaper is proud of his patience. He moves completely silently and positions himself so well as to go unnoticed at his victim's side. And he enjoys to look into his victim's eyes the moment in which he kills them.

Additional remarks: One of his former employers described him as "Potentially too dangerous even for service with A.I.M."

Click here to hear Reaper (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My Opinion: Good Explosives, Fast, and Gunslinger.

Name Carl Sheppards
Nickname Reaper
Health 81
Agility 92
Leadership 37
Dexterity 92
Strength 79
Wisdom 81
Medical 2
Explosives 47
Mechanical 37
Marksmanship 97
Level 6
Day $3600
Per Week $22000
2 Weeks $36000
Medical Dep. $4000

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