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Bill "Razor" Lamont

Only Razor's love of detail and his finesse in handling knives protected him from being called Butcher. When asked why he prefers a knife as a weapon over a gun, he answered: " Too much noise, too little challenge! " He is proud of his ability to carve the alphabet -- at least the vowels -- in his victims before they bleed to death.

Additional remarks: Someone recommended Lamont visit a licensed psychiatrist. But Bill possesses his own license - a license to kill!

Click here to hear Razor (sorry in German).

My Rating: Poor

My Opinion: Cant see a use in this guy. Except target practice.

Name Bill Lamont
Nickname Razor
Health 73
Agility 88
Leadership 4
Dexterity 91
Strength 86
Wisdom 53
Medical 12
Explosives 11
Mechanical 8
Marksmanship 50
Level 2
Day $150
Per Week $0
2 Weeks $0
Medical Dep. $0

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