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Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club (1999)

Starring: Edward Norton, Bradd Pitt
Director: David Fincher

Summary:  I find this a flick for anyone average working Joe. This movie while with great special
effects combined with amazing acting on the part of Edward Norton and Bradd Pitt, it appeals
to everyone. This unique and well written story, relates to the every day, 9-5 working person,
and takes them out of there seat on a ride that has plot twists and combinations that leaves 
the reader thinking, what the hell is going on? The movie will lead the viewer to believe one
thing, and the ending is shocking, leading to something that the viewer would never realize.
This story of a insomniac, (Edward Norton) stuck in his everyday life while the cool going 
character of Tyler (Bradd Pitt) grabs him out of his life and throws him into a world heís
never seen. 

Things I liked about this movie: 

Re-watchability. This movie is amazing for the fact of the second watching. After watching it 
once, when seen again, the movie has a totally different property and story. 
Fighting and special effects were amazing; the story is the one that latches on to the 
viewer. The acting was amazing. The ending leaves the viewer asking for more.

Things I didnít like:

Story gaps.  Needed a little more explanation. Like when he was driving in the car with 
Bradd Pitt, and Bradd was driving, and he was passenger, and the guys in the back seat, 
looked at the passenger area, not the driver.

Overall Rating 1-10 scale.

Video: 8, some great shots.

Acting: 9 Edward Norton was excellent, especially the shots where he looks almost euphoric
and insane. 

Sound: 8 Excellent, great music choices, and fighting sound effects.

Story: 9 Great, total shocker, a must see.

Overall Rating: 9, A must see. Simply put.

Review by Matthew Roseborough
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