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Ron "Raider" Higgens

Ron Higgens was captain of the L.A. Police Department's SWAT team when he fell in love with his best teamleader, Sgt. Charlene Higgens. Their marriage was a secret until it was discovered one year ago. When the L.A. Police Department learned of the relationship, they were not allowed to work together any longer, so they came to A.I.M.

Additional remarks: He is well organized, experienced and strong willed. Raider is a born leader.

Click here to hear Raider (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My Opinion: Cheap fast effective gunslinger. Seems good teamed with Raven.

Name Ron Higgens
Nickname Raider
Health 71
Agility 71
Leadership 87
Dexterity 78
Strength 80
Wisdom 76
Medical 11
Explosives 20
Mechanical 12
Marksmanship 84
Level 4
Day $900
Per Week $5800
2 Weeks $9000
Medical Dep. $1700

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