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Edgar "Nails" Smorth

Edgar Smorth gave up his motorcycle, his leather jacket and his kidney to become a full time mercenary with A.I.M.. In the years with us, he has extended his knowledge of carbombs and became a military explosive expert. Despite his career change, he maintained his love of life and the chip on his shoulder from his wild biker days.

Additional remarks: Edgar has the talent to very skillfully worm his way into inaccessible places as long as they are not too small or narrow.

Click here to hear Nails (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My Opinion: Nails rocks! He is awesome, exept he would never let you take the damn leather vest off, but it seems now he will.

Name Edgar Smorth
Nickname Nails
Health 72
Agility 60
Leadership 24
Dexterity 88
Strength 90
Wisdom 79
Medical 11
Explosives 78
Mechanical 63
Marksmanship 84
Level 4
Day $1800
Per Week $10000
2 Weeks $16000
Medical Dep. $0

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