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Norma "Meltdown" Jessop

Meltdown does not understand fun. In her ID photo, she has a smile on her lips, but it is deceptive. This soldier is legendary; when seeing her in combat an opponent died of fear before Jessop could even get within arm's reach. Concerning her taste in weapons: the bigger, the better. She is inclined overdo everything he is involved with.

Additional remarks: Jessop is noteworthy for her two-handed skills; she can fire two weapons at the same time with ease.

Click here to hear Meltdown (sorry in German).

Name Norma Jessop
Nickname Meltdown
Health 78
Agility 74
Leadership 24
Dexterity 84
Strength 76
Wisdom 82
Medical 3
Explosives 40
Mechanical 22
Marksmanship 83
Level 3
Day $525
Per Week $3300
2 Weeks $5600
Medical Dep. $1600

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