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Dr. Michael "MD" Dawson

Fresh from the university, Doctor Dawson can hardly believe his first job. Because of his innocent and juvenile appearance, others did not take him seriously, but this much is sure: If he saves only one human life, he will earn the respect he deserves.

Additional remarks: For someone with his background, he can handle the scalpel well enough to use it in combat.

Click here to hear MD (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My Opinion: Cheap Good Doctor.

Name Michael Dawson
Nickname MD
Health 72
Agility 62
Leadership 4
Dexterity 78
Strength 76
Wisdom 94
Medical 80
Explosives 0
Mechanical 7
Marksmanship 66
Level 1
Day $500
Per Week $3000
2 Weeks $5000
Medical Dep. $1100

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