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Earl "Magic"Walker

Magics calm, cool and collected style also applies to his combat technique. He is in top physical condition, puts razor-sharp reflexes and a cat-like mobility to the task with amazing accuracy. And owing to his deadly accuracy, he eliminates any threat quickly and effectively.

Additional remarks: His nickname "Magic" is due to the way which locks seem to open for him.

Click here to hear Magic (sorry in German).

My Rating: Elite

My Opinion: My Personal Favorite. Magic is my team captain. Very high attrib. Very good Marskman.

Name Earl Walker
Nickname Magic
Health 95
Agility 99
Leadership 16
Dexterity 98
Strength 92
Wisdom 80
Medical 24
Explosives 27
Mechanical 91
Marksmanship 94
Level 5
Day $5500
Per Week $35000
2 Weeks $60000
Medical Dep. $5500

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