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Rudy "Lynx" Roberts

Rudy Roberts is one most reliable veteran snipers in the ranks of the A.I.M. In order to further extend his remarkable abilities, Lynx participated in various classes, like the basics of electronics, advanced mechanics, night operations techniques, as well as first aid assistance and logistics.

Additional remarks: Refuses to work with Buzz Garneau.

Click here to hear Lynx (sorry in German).

My Rating: Elite

My Opinion: He may not be elite to some, but I have always found that lynx can do the job. Very Good Marksman.

Name Rudy Roberts
Nickname Lynx
Health 81
Agility 79
Leadership 39
Dexterity 86
Strength 77
Wisdom 71
Medical 34
Explosives 50
Mechanical 29
Marksmanship 99
Level 4
Day $2800
Per Week $17500
2 Weeks $32000
Medical Dep. $3300

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