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Corp. Len Anderson

Anderson's awesome military career began when he joined the Green Berets. After an honorable discharge, he came to A.I.M. and fought arm in arm with the founding members in the battle of Angetta. Len has strong leadership skills; and his service has gained him much respect and acknowledgment.

Additional remarks: In his hometown, Mr. Anderson enjoys target practice and is a leader both in his community and the National Rifle Association.

Click here to hear Len (sorry in German).

My Rating: Veteran

My Opinion: He is good, but I would of liked a little higher marksman for a man of his price.

Name Corp. Len Anderson
Nickname Len
Health 89
Agility 80
Leadership 61
Dexterity 88
Strength 77
Wisdom 83
Medical 35
Explosives 47
Mechanical 54
Marksmanship 83
Level 7
Day $2400
Per Week $15000
2 Weeks $26000
Medical Dep. $3100

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