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Larry Roachburn (Straight)

It is not to denials that Larry had craze problems in the past and that the Daemonen is still there despite several withdrawal attempts. He spent evenly 6 months in an exclusive and distinguished hospital and of an intensive cure underwent there. After durchstandenem program it healed itself for and fit for the service explained.

Additional remarks: In the hospital Larry dedicated his spare time to the study of the pharmacology and improved thus its medical knowledge substantially.

Click here to hear Larry (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My Opinion: This larry seems to rock! Ok marksmanship, Very High Explosives, Very High Medical. Especally for the price!

Name Larry Roachburn
Nickname Larry ( --- Means Stoned)
Health 69---46
Agility 87---72
Leadership 18---4
Dexterity 79---54
Strength 67---35
Wisdom 70---58
Medical 70---49
Explosives 92---82
Mechanical 14---7
Marksmanship 70---50
Level 3---1
Day $375---375
Per Week $0---0
2 Weeks $0---0
Medical Dep. $0---0

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