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Jean Pierre "La Malice" Viau

Jean Pierre may be a bit slow at times, but with a blade in his hand he understands how to use it masterfully. He attained his abilities primarily as a bouncer at a night club. Street fights are one of his greatest strengths. His skills seem to have found La Malice a place with A.I.M.. With us, he has honed his talents to perfection.

Click here to hear J.P. (sorry in German).

My Rating:Average

My opinion: Good Marksman. (Who would of thought?)

Name Jean Pierre Viau
Nickname Malice
Health 83
Agility 81
Leadership 13
Dexterity 97
Strength 89
Wisdom 55
Medical 12
Explosives 16
Mechanical 14
Marksmanship 83
Level 3
Day $1200
Per Week $6000
2 Weeks $10,000
Medical Dep. $0

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