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Take action. 

Your kind of action. 

Strap on your M16 and enter Jagged Alliance 2, the game that takes the award-winning series to new levels with an unprecedented and addictive blend of role-playing, strategy, and tactical combat. You'll be glued to your computer for weeks. 


So get ready. 

Our kind of ready. 

Test your courage in scorching fire fights. Challenge your strategic thinking by planning, exploring, and executing your own global plan of attack. 

Recruit your own perfect team of unique mercenaries. Interact with merchants, assassins, scientists and others in one of the deepest, most character-driven games ever to cross paths with your PC. 

It's all there.  

Gorgeous new graphics . . . 

Dozens of deadly weapons . . . 

Countless characters . . . 

Scores of other new features . . . 

And all the personality, depth, and sheer fun that made the original Jagged Alliance an award-winning classic. 
  "Man, I've seen some bad things, but I ain't never seen nothing like that. I'm getttin' the . . . ." - Larry Roachburn's last transmission  

Coming Early 1999!

(we all hope)




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Screen Shots

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