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Igor Dolvich

It will not be easy for Igor to follow the in footsteps of his uncle because Ivan Dolvich's legendary performance is hard for anyone to follow. Igor is again with A.I.M., but under any circumstances is not a beginner concerning armed warfare -- he developed his cunning and ruggedness with tours in Tschechien. Above all, however, his bloodline speaks about his potential.

Additional remarks: Igor and Ivan are already considered as the Russian "A-Team".

Click here to hear Igor (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My opinion: He seems awesome teamed with Ivan.

Name Igor Dolvich
Nickname Igor
Health 91
Agility 89
Leadership 4
Dexterity 75
Strength 82
Wisdom 84
Medical 17
Explosives 19
Mechanical 36
Marksmanship 77
Level 2
Day $500
Per Week $3200
2 Weeks $5500
Medical Dep. $1300

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