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Frank "Hitman" Hennesy

Hitman's unencumbered style and stately appearance made him one of the most popular and most valued mercenaries in the organization. Unfortunately, he has not paid attention to himself lately, and his health and abilities have somewhat suffered. Despite several trys, he could not get his weight problem under control.

Additional remarks: Hitman repeated spoke to a weight loss counselor before throwing in the towel.

Click here to hear Hitman (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My opinion: Good Pointman-Gunslinger. Nice explosives.

Name Frank Hennesy
Nickname Hitman
Health 75
Agility 77
Leadership 52
Dexterity 40
Strength 69
Wisdom 74
Medical 3
Explosives 39
Mechanical 11
Marksmanship 88
Level 4
Day $650
Per Week $3800
2 Weeks $6800
Medical Dep. $1600

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