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Frankie "Haywire" Gordon

Killing is Frankie Gordons speciality: its unimportant who he kills, his main motivation is the joy he finds in killing. Haywire is not a very good sniper, but he has a certain fascination for automatic weapons and handles them with ease. The same applies to his handling of sharp knives.

Additional remarks: Frankie intends to improve his relationships with his fellow men.

Click here to hear Haywire (sorry in German).

My Rating: Poor

My opinion: Ok explosives, Nothing really else except cheap.

Name Frankie Gordon
Nickname Haywire
Health 65
Agility 59
Leadership 1
Dexterity 76
Strength 71
Wisdom 58
Medical 2
Explosives 31
Mechanical 8
Marksmanship 48
Level 1
Day $100
Per Week Cant
2 Weeks Cant
Medical Dep. $0

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