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Gus Tarballs

After quite heated negotiations, A.I.M. is pleased to welcome the legendary DFK annihilator Gus Tarballs into our ranks. His return was unfortunately somewhat delayed, when his mobile home slipped off from its supporting blocks when he was cleaning out the septic tank, and his right leg was crushed.

Additional remarks: Our medical personnel have recently announced Tarballs fit for service, due to the shortage of heavy weapons experts.

Click here to hear Gus (sorry in German).

My Rating: Elite

My opinion: This is one of the best mercs. High Everything. (Who could resist his personality?)

Name Gus Tarballs
Nickname Gus
Health 75
Agility 65
Leadership 83
Dexterity 84
Strength 82
Wisdom 94
Medical 68
Explosives 76
Mechanical 80
Marksmanship 97
Level 8
Day $6000
Per Week $35000
2 Weeks $52000
Medical Dep. $5900

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