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Tim "Gumpy" Hillman

Tim is fast becoming a brilliant explosive expert. If it concerns explosive, one can hardly afford to make an error. He would probably still be at Harvard, researching electromagnetic fields, if not for some deep depressions he developed... supposedly because of his constant contact with the electromagnetic energy.

Additional remarks: Due to his inclination to acute allergies, Gumpy operates best in northern climates.

Click here to hear Gumpy (sorry in German).

My Rating: Poor

My opinion: Good Explosives. Nothing else worth getting. Cheap Price.

***Note***: Chris Camfield is the Picture of Gumpy!

Name Tim Hillman
Nickname Gumpy
Health 67
Agility 45
Leadership 11
Dexterity 67
Strength 70
Wisdom 94
Medical 9
Explosives 56
Mechanical 0
Marksmanship 44
Level 1
Day $100
Per Week Cant
2 Weeks Cant
Medical Dep. $0

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