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Helmut "Grunty" Grunther

Helmut has risen faster than any other mercenary in this organization and now belongs to the fixed rank of experienced professionals. With his exemplary attitude and methodology, he is one of our most popular mercenaries.

Additional remarks: Helmut Shows great interest in heavy weapons and night maneuvers.

Click here to hear Grunty (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My opinion: Good Explosives/Marksmanship Combo.

Name Helmut Grunther
Nickname Grunty
Health 82
Agility 79
Leadership 21
Dexterity 76
Strength 71
Wisdom 72
Medical 22
Explosives 28
Mechanical 44
Marksmanship 78
Level 3
Day $550
Per Week $3600
2 Weeks $6400
Medical Dep. $1500

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