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Doug "Gasket" Milton

Doug Milton originates from Kentucky. He quit school in the fourth grade to work in his father's gas station. When his sister/cousin started pumping gas at the garage, he transferred his focus to the repair bench, and became a good mechanic. Since he left the family business, he roamed from job to job before trying his luck as a mercenary.

Additional remarks: As hobbies, Gasket lists "squirrel shooting and road-kill collecting".

Click here to hear Gasket (sorry in German).

My Rating: Average

My opinion: Good Mechanic, Cheap.

Name Doug Milton
Nickname Gasket
Health 72
Agility 61
Leadership 3
Dexterity 89
Strength 68
Wisdom 49
Medical 0
Explosives 8
Mechanical 82
Marksmanship 44
Level 1
Day $100
Per Week Cant Hire
2 Weeks Cant Hire
Medical Dep. $0

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