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Cynthia "Fox" Guzzman

Originally trained as a nurse, Fox Guzzmann was highlighted in an outstanding monthly magazine for mercenaries. The special article was entitled "Curves in Uniform ". In the article, her medical skills on the combat field were almost as highly praised as her front and backsides.

Additional remarks: Guzzman has lately been practicing frequently at the shooting range and has made considerable progress.

Click here to hear Fox (sorry in German).

My Rating: Average

My opinion: Cheap Doctor, VERY steady hands. (i.e. Dex.)

Name Cynthia Guzzman
Nickname Fox
Health 77
Agility 85
Leadership 21
Dexterity 100
Strength 55
Wisdom 76
Medical 70
Explosives 8
Mechanical 15
Marksmanship 69
Level 2
Day $625
Per Week $4000
2 Weeks $7000
Medical Dep. $1600

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