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Florence "Flo" Gabriel

Florence spent her childhood in Cognac, France, where her parents operated a winery before they moved to Pittsburgh. In America, she became a bookkeeper with an arms dealer and acquired a worldwide knowledge of weapons. She is somewhat shady no matter how clever she is, and the prices of the weapons she offered was simply too good for them to be completely legitimate. \par

Additional remarks: In her spare time, Florence is active in adult education and worries about illiterates.

Click here to hear Flo (sorry in German).

My Rating: Possibly worse in game.

My opinion: I think she replaced Ruban. A strap and C-4 bomb to her chest and run into the enemy building and hope she makes it.

Name Florence Gabriel
Nickname Flo
Health 58
Agility 37
Leadership 1
Dexterity 64
Strength 45
Wisdom 82
Medical 19
Explosives 2
Mechanical 7
Marksmanship 38
Level 1
Day $50
Per Week Cant Hire
2 Weeks Cant Hire
Medical Dep. $0

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