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Fidel Dahan

Recently Fidel "Leave me alone!" Dahan was suspended from the service for 30 days. This was due to several complaints from his comrades because of his refusal to obey orders. After his guarantee to change his attitude, he was returned to active service by A.I.M., since he deals so professionally with weapons and explosive devices.

Additional remarks: Fidel was not been himself lately.

Additional remarks: Lately Fidel was not completely he.

Click here to hear Fidel (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My opinion: Fidel has always been one of my personal favorites. He is really good in explosives, Possibly the best. High Marksman. The only problem I found with him, was the problem with getting him to stop firing at someone. But they seem to have fixed that in JA2

Name Fidel Dahan
Nickname Fidel
Health 88
Agility 83
Leadership 1
Dexterity 64
Strength 83
Wisdom 71
Medical 3
Explosives 97
Mechanical 6
Marksmanship 85
Level 2
Day $2500
Per Week $12000
2 Weeks $20000
Medical Dep. $0

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