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Frequently Asked Questions:

Warning this page is for those who are stuck in the game, and shouldnt be used if you dont want to know the future of you're game. This section contains SPOILERS. If you want to input anything please email me


1. IMP & AIM

First choose your name and follow the directions, I would recommend on you're merc that you stay away from the Pyscho questions, or you're guy will go psycho in battle. Always start with a high leadership, and high Marksman, because we all know you're gonna need it.

A.I.M- I would suggest as a starting team, Igor, Grizzly, Buns and Your Merc.

2. Finding the Rebels...

Once you have cleared the first sector, of enemies look for a little boy named pecos (i think) he will say "Mommy said not to talk to strangers!" and run off. Follow him to his mother, and talk to her. She wont help you untill you give her the "Letter from enrico" then follow her to the sector next to the one next to yours. Then you are led down to miguel. And you're with the rebels.

3. Father and the Bounty hunter.

Father is in the church or one of the bars in the mine sector. The bounty is in one of the drassen bars and gives you a Diskette with info of all of the men he is chasing down, and will give you half the cash if you find one.

4. Drassen Airport, Bobby Rays

Once you take the drassen airport, bobby ray's is open for business! Watchout though prices there can get a little high.

5. San Mona

Get someone with high strength or good hand to hand combat (Fidel, Dr Q, Grizzly) and go into the bar, (top Left sector) and there is a guy who offers to bet you, in a fight, I save it first, then give him 5,000 for the betting price, and fight the battle and win and get 10,000. You can only do this 3 times though. Also if you go in the San Mona Abandoned mine, you can find 30,000 but kingpin and his men will be after you.