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Dr. Daniel "Danny" Quinten

Doctor David Quinten is mountain climber, skydiver and paramedic. During Operation Desert Storm, he became famous by jumping out of helicopters into the middle of mine fields in order to treat the wounded. And even more amazing: Danny asked for evacuation only after his patient was safely out of harm's way.

Additional remarks: He actually has studied the life of a lone wolf.

Click here to hear Danny (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My opinion: Very High Health/Agility, but without marksmanship he wouldnt make a good solider, he would make a great on field medic. (or open heart sugery in the middle of being shot at...)

Name Dr. Daniel Quinten
Nickname Danny
Health 99
Agility 99
Leadership 10
Dexterity 79
Strength 73
Wisdom 91
Medical 88
Explosives 0
Mechanical 12
Marksmanship 61
Level 4
Day $2100
Per Week $12000
2 Weeks $20000
Medical Dep. $2700

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