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Jim "Cougar" Wallace

Jim Wallace is one of the few cadets of the military academy passed the final examination with honors. The fact that father wrote the military code of the school did not Perhaps the professional mercenary and a master in handling automatic weapons, he is M.E.R.C.'s best man.

Additional remarks: Cougar is a man of convictions, and has the necessary military education and discipline, to keep them to himself.

Click here to hear Cougar (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My opinion: I dont know why he is so cheap, Nice overall Stats, High Marks, good medical, mech, and expl.

Name Jim Wallace
Nickname Cougar
Health 88
Agility 83
Leadership 31
Dexterity 79
Strength 87
Wisdom 75
Medical 33
Explosives 45
Mechanical 58
Marksmanship 93
Level 5
Day $900
Per Week Cant Hire
2 Weeks Cant Hire
Medical Dep. $0

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