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Dr. Clifford Highball

Cliff's health has substantially improved since he is now off the sauce and keeps to a fiber-rich diet. This is very pleasing to potential employers, because it is almost impossible to find physicians with both Highball's shooting skills and medical knowledge at such high levels.

Additional remarks: Highball also gained skills in his hobby, explosives, to a considerable degree.

Click here to hear Cliff (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My opinion: A good Home Base Doctor or on Field Medic, High Accuracy.

Name Dr. Clifford Highball
Nickname Cliff
Health 82
Agility 60
Leadership 33
Dexterity 53
Strength 64
Wisdom 87
Medical 84
Explosives 31
Mechanical 4
Marksmanship 84
Level 4
Day $900
Per Week $5800
2 Weeks $9700
Medical Dep. $2000

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