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Loisa "Buzz" Garneau

Buzz tells us that in the past year there have been some fundamental changes in her life. She had a huge fight with Lynx; they can hardly bear to be on the same planet. Her tell-all book "Undercover, Under Lynx " has so far been rejected by every publisher. She is bitter, but vents her anger while handling weapons.

Additional remarks: Garneau was distinguished herself recently as a specialist in heavy weapons.

Click here to hear Buzz (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good (almost Veteran)

My Opinion: Very Good Sniper. Good Agility.

Name Louisa Garneau
Nickname Buzz
Health 71
Agility 84
Leadership 13
Dexterity 47
Strength 68
Wisdom 90
Medical 0
Explosives 19
Mechanical 5
Marksmanship 96
Level 4
Day $1450
Per Week $7200
2 Weeks $11,500
Medical Dep. $0

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