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Monica "Buns" Sonderguard

The prim, correct Monica Sonderguard may give the impression as unsuitablefor the rough and tumble mercenary life. However, she exceeds the minimum requirements by far. Before A.I.M., she gained experience as a kindergarden teacher, a rest home nurse, a Danish sharpshooter at the Olympic Games in Atlanta before her career as a soldier.

Click here to hear Buns (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My Opinion: Seems Like a Female Ice.

Name Monica Sonderguard
Nickname Buns
Health 79
Agility 78
Leadership 24
Dexterity 87
Strength 59
Wisdom 93
Medical 48
Explosives 4
Mechanical 8
Marksmanship 86
Level 2
Day $725
Per Week $4700
2 Weeks $8500
Medical Dep. $1800

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