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John Bull Peters

He is a bulliger man of few words. John Peter prefers it to let its acts speak for itself. Despite its experience with the military police of the U.S. Army it has few respect for authority and becomes fast furious. He spent more time surely as a passenger in the Knast than attendant. Bulletin is a soldier, who is not zimperlich with the work. Additional remarks: Bulletin can slam shut more strongly than every different one at present on our lohnliste.

Click here to hear Bull (sorry in German).

My Rating: Average

My Opinion: Cheap, Effective, Gunslinger.

Name John Peters
Nickname Bull
Health 96
Agility 59
Leadership 23
Dexterity 44
Strength 99
Wisdom 64
Medical 10
Explosives 17
Mechanical 25
Marksmanship 72
Level 2
Day $400
Per Week $3000
2 Weeks $4500
Medical Dep. $0

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