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Thorton "Bubba" Jones

Apart from his body size is to be been notorious Thorton for it, the first attendant, who was fired by the state prison of Alabama because of brutality against the passengers. Details on further contraventions on the part of this leaderleader leader remain in the dark, since we did not dare to out-ask it over it.

Click here to hear Bubba (sorry in German).

My Rating: Poor

My Opinion: He seems kinda stupid. Good explosives for the cost.

Name Thorton Jones
Nickname Bubba
Health 86
Agility 54
Leadership 5
Dexterity 68
Strength 98
Wisdom 29
Medical 0
Explosives 61
Mechanical 59
Marksmanship 77
Level 4
Day $450
Per Week Cant Hire
2 Weeks Cant Hire
Medical Dep. $0

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