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Keith "Blood" Hanson

It is jungle war or close combat, Blood Hanson is the correct man for the function. Trained in the art of the combat equipment, his ability, a combat meter in the necks of the enemy is to be thrown, worth seeing: It appears from that nothing, flies unbelievably far in air and hits its target with deadly accuracy.

Additional remarks: Former member of the African national congress.

Click here to hear Blood (sorry in German).

My Rating: Good

My Opinion: He seems a really good starter merc, good marksman, and good field medic. High Health and Agility, seems good for sneak attack.

Name Kieth Hanson
Nickname Blood
Health 84
Agility 94
Leadership 6
Dexterity 87
Strength 82
Wisdom 75
Medical 51
Explosives 31
Mechanical 23
Marksmanship 78
Level 3
Day $850
Per Week $5500
2 Weeks $9000
Medical Dep. $1900

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