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Biff Apscott

We cannot list the number of the fights in which Biff Apscott has participated. His experience, devotion and readiness to sacrifice his pension fund made this agency what it is today. In a private moment among verteran fighters, Col. Leon Roachburn has said: "Biff is a fearless leader. A man without an equal."

Additional remarks: Biff is responsible for the hiring and the training of personnel for M.E.R.C. and is a silent business partner.

Click here to hear Biff (sorry in German).

My Rating: Crappy

My Opinion: Not really good in anything, useful for target practice. (Evil Grin)

Name Biff Apscott
Nickname Biff
Health 73
Agility 74
Leadership 13
Dexterity 71
Strength 41
Wisdom 58
Medical 24
Explosives 4
Mechanical 0
Marksmanship 57
Level 2
Day $200
Per Week Cant hire
2 Weeks Cant hire
Medical Dep. $0

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